Admission Essay Coaching Brings Out the Best in Your Child

When your child sits down to write his or her admission essay, it can be a very overwhelming process, and even the most supportive parents often struggle to bring out the best in their child through their essay. As the following article describes, children can be afraid to discuss personal experiences with their parents which might be the best topics for their admission essays. Having a private admission essay coach work one-on-one with your child to formulate the best possible topic and then craft a shrewd essay is a huge benefit to any child.

Why parents aren’t the best college essay editors for their children

It appears that the more selective the college, the more important the essay, according to The New York Times. Based on the increases in applicants and the competitive nature of the pool, the essay has become the weight by which to determine acceptance. Engaging an outside counselor, who has the ability to maintain the voice of the student, can be extraordinarily valuable. Seventeen year olds rarely enjoy editing, and the conflict that arises when the parent is the editor, is often vast. A trained professional comes from a different place, and very often softens the criticisms while holding the integrity of the essay.