College Admission Essay Speaks Volumes For Admission

When it comes to writing college admission essays, a great deal of stress is often involved, as it seems the perfect essay is always out of one’s reach. Working with a private tutor who can guide you through the initial process, and then the later stages of editing, makes these goals easier to achieve. As the following article states, writing the college admission essay is an important and grueling task, and support from a private tutor is a huge benefit.

A Senior’s Thought: College Applications

I’m sure that every senior would agree that the worst part about college applications is writing the essays. These “500-words-or-less” documents of torture are growing on the importance rank of an application. With this information in mind, most students spend time perfecting their essays so that the admission officer understands who they are. Cramming everything a college should know about you a student and person into 500 words or less seems nearly impossible! Senior Quinn Doyle said, “The essays had to be the most annoying part of the application process. The worst part was that not every school has the same essay, requiring me to write a lot of papers that I don’t even want to spend my time on!”