Start SAT Test Prep This Summer to Prepare Aggressively

Standardized tests are the most objective means to comparing students who apply to college. In a world in which strong students all have good grades, extracurricular activities, and supportive recommendations, it is the SAT test score that can set the student apart from all others. SAT test prep is the best way to ensure that a student’s scores will stand out and that their application will land in the ‘accepted’ pile.

College Admissions: 6 Ways for Teens to Make This Summer Count

Do College Applications & Study for SATs

The time for rising seniors to do college applications is in the summer, NOT in the fall when they are deluged with homework, extra-curriculars and sports. Admissions officers can spot a rushed application from a mile away, and truly great essays go through multiple revisions before they are ready to be submitted. So, do your apps now and then avoid stress in the fall. Summer is also a good time to study for the September ACT or October SAT. Private tutors, classroom programs or self-study with books and on-line are all good options, depending on your budget.