College Admission Essays Take Time–Start Now

College Applications are long, stressful, and complicated, and the College Admission Essay can be one of the most daunting parts. Enlist a College Admission Essay Expert to help guide you through the process and ensure that your essay is dynamic, engaging, and thoughtful. As the following article states, start now on the College Admission Essay for best results.

College admissions process heats up

As the sticky days of summer come to a close, one overwhelming task will immediately welcome high school seniors and their parents into fall – the college application process. The college admissions frenzy is now in full swing. Below are some tips for a less stressful senior year.

Start early. Writing the college admissions essays, statements, and supplements required for admission at top schools can be equated to the workload of a demanding AP course. Once senior year starts up, college essays are often pushed to the wayside as football practice, French class, and friends take over-so get them done while you can. I usually tried to bang out at least one draft of something per school day, even if it was a short 200-word statement. If I wasn’t feeling inspired, I would take a break and browse the New York Times or Wall Street Journal Web site for a bit – this forced me away from staring at my blinking Microsoft Word cursor and exposed me to new words and writing styles I might want to incorporate into my essays. It might sound weird, but it worked.