Start College Admission Early, Say Admissions Officers

Applying to college is a stressful, daunting process, and many students and families don’t know where or when to begin. It is important to start early, and enlisting the help of an Admission Consultant will bring a sense of order and organization to the process. As the following article states, Admissions Officers wish you knew to start early, and knowing where to start is the first step of that battle.

8 Things Admissions Officers Wish You Knew About Applying to College

Whether students are applying to a small, private college or a large, public university, there are some universal missteps that college applicants make year after year, much to the dismay of the institution’s gatekeepers who decide whether the student should be admitted. We’ve asked admission officers at a small sampling of colleges and universities to describe the one thing they wish students knew about the college admissions process.
Start Early!
Choosing a college is a long but rewarding process. It takes time to find which college is the best fit for you. The sooner you complete your application (including transcripts, test scores, personal essay, and so on) the sooner you will receive a decision and your merit scholarship award. This provides you more time to investigate and weigh your options.
I wish students knew to contact their universities of interest and research the steps of the application process before their senior year. Pre-planning can eliminate some of the trials and errors of applying to school. The sooner students conduct research on the application process and what it takes to be admitted, the better they understand which classes they need to take and how they should organize their past, current and future activities.