Students May Take the ISEE More Than Once

Students may take the ISEE more than once. According to, students taking the ISEE test may register “up to three times in a 12-month admission cycle” starting this August 2016. This is a major change because the ISEE test was previously a one-time only test. Students may now register in all three seasons of ISEE testing: August-November (Fall), December-March (Winter), or April-July (Spring/Summer).

Because most deadlines for applications occur around December 1st, students will now have more opportunities to take the official test. For schools with deadlines before December 1st, however, students will have to use the previous strategies for one test date.

One advantage of this change is being able to take the test later in the year. Doing this improves the possibility that the material on the test will be taught in class.

If your student is already preparing for the test, register for a November test date and aim for the best possible score. If you are not happy with your student’s results, they still have another chance at the test. If you plan to start preparing your student for the test in November, it is a good idea to still test in November to see what your student’s results are. They can then test again during the December-March session to aim for their best possible score.

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