ISEE Testing Options Explained

Is your child taking the ISEE? It’s important to be aware of all the different testing options available for them. Please note that test format, group type, and other testing options will vary depending on the specific test site selected. Not all test sites can accommodate the same testing options.

There are currently four different ISEE test options:

1. At-Home
2. Prometric Test Center
3. At-School
4.Testing Office

At-Home Test Option

Students can now take the admissions test trusted by schools around the world from the comfort and safety of their homes. Since December 2020, more than 4,000 ISEE At Home exams have been administered on our tried-and-true testing platform with a 99% successful completion rate. When schools and families choose the ISEE At Home, they can do so with confidence.

Students take ISEE At Home using remote testing systems and experienced proctoring staff to provide convenient and easy access to the ISEE. Once the test launches, a secure testing application “locks down” the student’s testing device so that they are unable to access any other websites, applications, or screen capture exam content.

All test proctors are trained in remote exam administration with a support system in place to address any issues that might arise during testing. All proctors are fully vetted by ERB; they are either staff at independent schools that belong to our member-school community or they are other professionals trained directly by ERB.

The ISEE At Home is designed to work on most personal computers, laptops, and even tablets as long as they can connect to the internet. Be sure to review the specific computer or laptop system requirements for your chosen testing option well in advance of testing.

Prometric Test Option

ISEE testing is currently available at Prometric Test Centers where possible. Prometric testing centers offer the ISEE test in the online format for students entering Grades 5-12. Over 400 Prometric testing centers are located around the globe to administer secure, standardized tests for a variety of organizations. Families should be aware that there will be other students and adults taking other types of tests at these centers. A parent or guardian is required to stay on-site with the student for the duration of the test. Students automatically type the essay at Prometric.

Some Prometric Test Centers have recently implemented COVID-19 vaccination proof requirements. In the wake of the pandemic, Prometric has further enhanced their written procedures to reflect the practical guidance of the CDC and WHO to limit the spread of the disease. This includes actions such as offering hand sanitizer to candidates, wiping down all workstations and equipment after every test taker, and cleaning common areas with disinfectant multiple times per day. Further, safety practices have been enacted throughout the testing process and are dependent on local government guidelines.

At-School Test Option

Hundreds of ERB Member Schools offer ISEE testing on their campuses for the convenience of local students and families. The number of students testing in groups at these sites will vary by school. Test format availability (paper or online) will vary by location.

Testing Office Option

Testing offices located across the United States and abroad offer small group and/or individual testing. The number of students testing and testing format availability (paper or online) will vary by location. There are currently three offices available for testing in Massachusetts: one in Needham, one in Wellesley, and one in Boston.

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