Students May Take the ISEE More Than Once

Students may take the ISEE more than once. According to, students taking the ISEE test may register “up to three times in a 12-month admission cycle” starting this August 2016. This is a major change because the ISEE test was previously a one-time only test. Students may now register in all three seasons of ISEE testing: August-November (Fall), December-March (Winter), or April-July (Spring/Summer). Because most deadlines for applications occur around December 1st, students will…

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ISEE Test-Taking Strategy

Introduction Boston Tutoring Services has developed proprietary materials for tutors to use in ISEE test preparation. There are basic test taking strategies that we enforce in order to make the most of our students’ time on the test. In our training manual, we begin with general ISEE test-taking strategy. One-Two Pass In the Synonym, Sentence Completion, and Math sections, it is important for students to become comfortable with the one-two pass strategy. In the first…

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Improving SSAT and ISEE Verbal Test Scores

Many students struggle to receive a high score on the verbal section of their test. One of the most important things to do to improve verbal scores is to work on vocabulary as often as possible. Students may want to cram in vocabulary cards last minute, but there should be a slow process of growth in order to develop the vocabulary acquisition skills they need to receive a high test score on these tests. On…

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