At-Home Testing for the ISEE Is Available

Students can now take the admissions test trusted by schools around the world from the comfort and safety of their homes, with three remote ISEE At Home testing options. Families should follow their application schools’ instructions when selecting their at-home testing choice. If your schools do not provide guidance, please pick the option that works best for you!

Families can register for this at-home testing option anytime here. Students do not need to have an event code from an application school to use this option, and may still send their ISEE score reports to all desired recipient schools. The test itself is the same no matter how students take the ISEE. What makes this option unique is that tests are set up and proctored by ERB staff, rather than school employees. This option is intended to give families more choices and help you find test dates that work best for your student.

IMPORTANT: To search for ERB Administered ISEE At Home events, please select either New York or California (depending on preferred time zone) in the registration search tool regardless of where you actually reside.

Here are some FAQs for the ISEE at-home testing option:

Which ISEE At Home option should I choose?
If you have been invited by a school to apply, you should select the School Administered ISEE At Home option during your ISEE registration and use the “Event Code” provided by the school. If you do not have an event code, simply register for the ERB Administered ISEE At Home.

Is the ISEE At Home the same as other ISEE tests? 
Yes, the exam itself is nearly identical regardless of how students take the test. The only difference is that students taking the ISEE At Home do so through a secure browser rather than on a computer at a school or office. The only difference between the ISEE At Home and other ISEE tests is that there is no essay component for Primary-level at-home exams.

How do I search for ERB Administered ISEE At Home test dates?
To search for ERB Administered ISEE At Home test dates in the Admission Registration System, enter either New York or California for the desired state in the search tool regardless of where you actually reside. In choosing between California and New York, pick the more convenient time zone for you (ET or PT).

What devices are supported for the ISEE At Home? 
Testing is currently supported on PCs and Macs, with an iPad app available soon. Full information on supported devices can be found in the ISEE At Home Family Guide.

Do all ISEE At Home exams cost the same amount?
No. School Administered ISEE At Home exams cost $140, which is the same as the fee for testing on campus.
ERB Administered ISEE At Home exams cost $200.

Who can I contact for support before or during my child’s test?
Please contact the ISEE Operations Office for all support needs. They are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET and the first Saturday of every month. They can be reached via phone or email at:
1 (800) 446-0320 |

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